Premi / Awards

Mahindra Racing Formula E Team “#DrivenByDesign” Contest | August 2016


Top 14 finalist out of 250+ entries – “#DrivenByDesign” Contest for the 2017 season Mahindra Formula E Car livery


“#DrivenByDesign Contest – This contest is a crowdsourcing online event inviting fans of Mahindra Racing to design the livery on the Mahindra M3Electro car that will feature in Season 3 of the Formula E Championship, 2016. Livery refers to a uniform, insignia or symbol adorning, in a non-military context, a person, an object or a vehicle that denotes a relationship between the wearer of the livery and an individual or corporate body. Often, elements of the heraldry relating to the individual or corporate body feature in the livery.”




Fiat Chrysler Automobiles “Style & Execution Award” | July 2016

Awarded by: Ruben Wainberg – Head of Design at Abarth


Winner – “Style & Execution Award” for a Formula Student car graphic and livery


“The main concepts in the evaluation for this award are the originality of the car lines, the quality of construction and the choice of materials, and the finishing (decorating, painting ,graphics and liveries).”



Politecnico di Milano “Wind Tunnel Logo Contest” | February 2016


Winner – Politecnico di Milano “Wind Tunnel Logo Contest”

Pts: 90/100