Factory Records – Record Company Brand Pack

What: looking for visual artists
Big Idea: yellow monday

From Blue Monday to Yellow Monday
Invented by University Professor Cliff Arnall in Great Britain, Blue Monday is the saddest day of the Year. It is traditionally on the third Monday on January. It is caused by unlucky weather, the end of Christmas holidays and the start over frantic work.
Factory Records is trying to subvert this tradition, as they had always done, promoting “Yellow Monday”, the day when Factory Racords would born again. They chose Piccadilly Gardens and the old Hacienda building (Factory’s symbolic nightclub) as symbol of this action and they covered Portland Street (that joins the two points) with yellow/black paint. With this action Factory Record wants to look for a visual artist’s diversified team who would work on the visual identity for a series of Factory parties.

Extract from the brand pack: a temporary existing website, made out for the brand pack presentation.